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In Bocca al Lupo

by Murder By Death

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Boy Decide 03:15
there’s a son he is born with a silver spoon in his mouth go on boy admit it there’s got to be something you love enough to protect you tire of things i know but you’ve got to push on some men crave women and some men crave gold some folks die too young and some die too old some just want to pass life with liquor and cards some work to the top and well some don’t get far BOY, DECIDE BOY, DECIDE you’re too old to fuck around and too young to die time to try a life on for size now the time it has come to pull yourself out of the mud and fix yourself up hell don’t you care how you look? your mother god rest her she’d spin in her grave if she knew what a mess you have made 'cause you’re pissin’ into the wind squandering the life you were given now what will you do? you’re wasting away still alive digging a hole you can dive into when you get tired of fighting
hole up kid, there’s a storm comin’ down work those fingers to the bone you got grit, that’s a fact you build ‘em up just to knock ‘em all down dig a hole that goes deep in the ground and when the time comes, crawl in as the earth all shudders at the pounding of the feet of the four horsemen you aren’t safe under the earth hiding your actions covered in dirt like a snake shedding its skin if you fess up, you can start all over again and the whirlwind lifts you up to the ceiling the balconies pass but you don’t even see them as they go by and it whips your bodies higher and higher when your lips lock, you both catch on fire the crowd covers their eyes you’ve forgotten everything but yourselves you don’t really even matter to each other it’s the rush that you get when you know you’ve done wrong as you bake, you start to separate but you never notice that the other is burning you just pity yourself.
we set out for sea with icicles in our beards where the wind bit like dog’s teeth and the sea swept our ship up like the hand of a god that had been enraged so we carried our dead to the shore and that left nine more there was violence in the air tonight when the ship split in half we lost two to the brine and the seawater swilled across the floor and the captain lives no more for he sleeps on the ocean floor the old bastard was as big as a bear his coffin was made of a redwood’s trunk his appetite never thinned his belly was wide as two barrels of gin cut the engine tie it off to the post heave away at my call listen well, one and all we’ll be rid of this scourge when his body goes overboard he’d been in irons for seventy days fed just gunpowder to fuel his rage screamed bloody murder and tore at his chains we made him this way we were left on that isle with a skeleton crew made of dead men and sinners hell-bound through and through then it was HE who came to our shore and he left no more
Brother 03:48
fourteen years have passed since that day your stories are the same but the ends have all changed you carried on like you were some type of god some things will never change we went home to see our folks we laughed and we told jokes it was like we were young again on that deathbed our mother lay how long she's got they still can't say it took all this to get us back together again how long is this going to last you can't keep reliving your past screwing over the ones that you love in the name of some new drug so brother raise another pint rev up the engine and drive off in the night see you somewhere someplace sometime i know there's better brothers but you're the only one that's mine the bondsman came to my door early the next day he said "i come for your brother you don't know what kind of trouble he's in" how long is this going to last? you can't keep reliving your past johnny law keeps a poundin' at my door 'cause you screwed up some new score so he's standing in the doorway like he owns the place with a look of smug satisfaction on his face i'm gonna give you up of that he's sure as hell but i take one look at him and i know i'll never tell they can knock all of my doors down but i won't say a word
in dynamite mine, your hour will come in a shower of stone and steel beams they’ll push and they’ll pull against the rock wall find you buried among the debris when they search for you the dogs will sniff him out from a torn piece of his shirt they’ll bound down the path with lust on their breath find you under a patch of fresh dirt son, cover your ears lord how the blast will ring and when a rumblin’ shakes the walls you can hear that devil sing you cut off the past and buried him here deep in the belly of the mines blasted a wall to seal the tomb and lived out those short days, secure in your crime many years have passed, but still we trudge on as we will to the end of our days many have come and many have gone but there is one who never strays from this place
in the valley, the girl at the back of the caravan wears a dress made of red wool for a night on the town with her man he is good to her he takes care of her he holds doors for her, settles scores for her he does what he can stole a car for tonight to pick her up for the dance they said goodbye to their families like they’d never come home again shine up your shoes and polish your cufflinks go dress up for the ball in borrowed clothes and fake jewels we can bend all the rules we won’t go home until they drag us out there’s a man who runs this place built like a chimm chimney and hits like Joe Brown he’s got the tabs on all of the girls she needs more money to buy her way out he ain’t shit to her, ain’t worth the tears to her dares call himself a Christian man he only gives us the back of his hand, how long? but tonight, put on your best dress go dress up for the ball in borrowed clothes and fake jewels we can bend all the rules we won’t go home until they drag us out
i’ve taken a hit or two i’ve given quite a few i swing my fists and the cities all fall i’ve broken a law or two reckon i only missed a few i watch these long days pass through the bars, i curse the brass i’ve had a cracked rib or two i guess i’ve busted more i’ve laid a couple out on the coolin’ board sometimes you walk the line and sometimes it walks you you get quick to anger quick to put a knife up to another man’s throat i cannot still the hell that’s in these hands when they came they came to take me in didn’t try to fight, jus let them win a man died in my cell damn the guards sure gave me hell i’d love to see them horsemen ride so law and order stand aside oh this woman and gin go together like the devil and sin her hair is like wheat, her lips are like wine gonna meet her at the end of the county line JAILBREAK tonight bring on the floodlights in a few more yards, we’ll reach the line and meet up with a friend of mine the dogs are comin’ swift and mean but i’m hungrier than they have ever been
Raw Deal 04:04
there’s a shred of guilt in every one of us and a pain we felt in watching you all suffer now the time has come to make amends to everyone to pay the price for all that we could have done but we wasted everything now we’re done now we’re done i preyed on my own people i took them for all that they had i laughed at their helplessness i left them for dead now I’m tugging on this line but i can never gain any ground and for the selfishness i displayed there is a punishment that i’ve found
at the end of the road he calls everyone home and the fire will consume us and the chapels will fall and the taste on striking through to the bone at the end of the road you will soon hear him call as the congregations crumble and the chapels will fall and the taste on your tongue well it comes yeah it comes with the bittersweet pang of remorse and pain till the judgment is made the prosecution’s won the gavel has fallen and justice is done the courtroom clears and i’m left alone on the bench my wife and children gone along with the defense the bailiff leads me back to my cell like the riverman ferrying me to hell i can’t blame them no to hate me for what I’ve done i hear them whispering in the hall you live and die by the gun all i can do is sit here and pray I’ll be forgiven on judgment day tell my wife in our yard buried underneath the pine there’s a shoebox full of money of which i never earned a dime use it to start over the way things should have been live honest and love agan tell my wife tell my kids i never meant for this to happen when they flip the switch please do not stay i couldn’t bear for you to remember me this way.
Shiola 04:13
i steal a look between the blinds i unwind she sleeps in comfort in my arms she is plain, but she is mine our child is silent but awake i run my hands through his hair i teach him manners and how to stick up for himself when things get bad i tell him son never throw the first punch and if you must fight make it clean SHIOLA SHIOLA will all be forgiven SHIOLA SHIOLA am i strong enough to start again alone the taste of home is filling up my mouth is it wrong to love a family of ghosts her door is open the windows are all up she says “come inside” i love alone, more or less i summon wife child and happiness build them up from the dirt and clay i have to believe that all will be forgiven SHIOLA SHIOLA my heart is overflowing SHIOLA SHIOLA with love and anger coiled into one they take the take, but never get their fill i try and try and fail against my will i wait and wait for that hand to sweep me up and take me down the road home
Steam Rising 04:08
there is steam rising from the gravel on the road there is black coal filling up our homes it seeps through the window cracks it slips through the floorboards the mortar is turning black the foundation starts to crack honey pack your bags and go there is steam rising from the belly of the beast there is hell on earth there are demons beneath the sheets
lately lately we haven’t been at our best and maybe maybe we had it comin’ for a long time everybody hopes that love is like a dancer’s pirouette with grace we’ve dodged each conflict and decision that we’ve met everybody tells themselves that they must be justified they do what they do because they’re trying to get by maybe, maybe we are all selfish but maybe, maybe it isn’t over yet everybody hopes that love is like a prairie fire that sweeps across the land, consuming it all everybody hopes that love will never fade or flicker it’s pure as the air we breathe we’ve made mistakes that we can’t change but there’s still time to start again


released May 23, 2006


all rights reserved



Murder By Death Louisville, Kentucky


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