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The Other Shore

by Murder By Death

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residentermine The music is nice and somber, and lets you feel the soul within it. Favorite track: Last Night On Earth.
Hexapod thumbnail
Hexapod A truly great release, which I find circles back to the roots of the first four albums while capitalizing on the musical maturity of the band. Definitely my favorite MBD album of the last few years. Favorite track: True Dark.
David Duma
David Duma thumbnail
David Duma I feel like any one of these tracks could be the background music for a Cowboy Bebop episode and it would be perfectly at home and in sync with the animation. For a band deeply rooted in the old western, saloon music of years past, this new direction towards space is a wonderful, unexpected twist from one of my all-time favorite groups Favorite track: Alas.
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Alas 05:04
Maybe you’re right, I’m no good Got a heart made of glass and a head made of wood Let me make it clear When I’m gone I’m gone The night’s just the night and there’s no coming dawn When shall I return? I confess I don’t know What’s around the bend What’s left to unfold I could promise you the moon brought down with a lasso I need to stay but alas I must go Back in the stark woods behind your old house I buried something that’ll leave you no doubt Something to prove myself to you Half is a lie, but the good part’s true I need to stay but alas I must go Or maybe you should move on and I’ll go it alone Out in the barren field where we first met Full of decay from a life in the red - Oaths that I broke The money I spent Couldn’t make it work, couldn’t even make rent All the people I forgot that I knew, that i met Maybe my life will repay the debt I need to stay I need to stay I need to stay but alas I must go I thought you wanted me to stay but you need me to go I just want to say, now I finally know Alas, I must go!
Might disappear for awhile Time to take a bow Bottled up too long this time Been hangin’ by a thread ‘til now (Keep runnin’) Never thought that I was anything special Had nothing to hold myself up to Then you gave me a name, gave me power Power to draw from a model to hold myself to Chasin’ ghosts The ones I hunt the most don’t come around anymore (Keep runnin’) You underestimate what I’m capable of Didn’t used to give a shit cut myself off from your love (Keep runnin’)
True Dark 03:08
I called out your name into the dark But nobody came, nobody heard I been searching my whole life for you Always come up dry Maybe better luck next time in the by and by Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide Your time is done no room for pride True dark is coming from the inside Darkness is the light of a city on fire True dark is the knowledge that the flames will burn higher There’s nothing in this world you could say that would make me believe That I should follow some fool off a cliff just ‘cause they’re in the lead Chaos There’s nothing left for me here, nothing I can find If I told you I knew why it’d be a lie True dark!
Stone 03:11
My well is dry, my words hollow Promises brittle as my bones You’ll get nothing from me You’re squeezin’ water from a stone And I am fool enough to be this alone Ain’t you ‘supposed to bend? Ain’t you ‘supposed to flex like a willow in the wind? Ain’t it easier to bend? I am the one who stayed behind My will is iron I know that I haven’t learned a thing from the trouble it’s got me in And my troubles are just starting to begin You run deep in me Like the place where a river used to be And I know it was a long time ago But now all that’s left is sediment and stone You are a diamond and I’m just coal If you are a river then I’m just stone You are flesh and I’m just bone You are a churnin’ river shapin’ my stone You are the spring thaw You are the churning flow of the river You are endless I’m just stone You are the river I’m just the stone
I beg forgiveness I’ve been such a fool Lost and alone I spoke your name out loud to the room Travelin’ far To be where you are Travelin’ far Towards the brightest star Lying on my back Eyes open eyes close Imagined voices crack Making fists wiggling toes
Only Time 03:35
I’ve had time Time enough To make up my mind How to say it right When times got tough I made my bed Then I laid in it It was my chance My moment To take the reigns To face the day Burn out bright but I faded away I march these halls I do my time The reflection I see Is no longer mine My body wracked with pain And to what end? This place is changing me I don’t know myself know myself know myself I rise from my slumber too soon Drifting alone Marooned The tracks of my tears fade away I hear the hum of the engines in space There’s only time in this place Nothing to separate the nights from the days Only time To make it right, to fill the days and the nights Only time
Space 04:33
I stare out the window into swirling deafening space Shakes the bolts and the bearings Fills the walls of this place Until I step outside Into the void There is no sound Darkness is everywhere I stare out the portal Into horrible space Seething breathing like a living thing sucks the air from this space
Bloom 03:30
I just had the feeling I was in a dark room I was underwater I was waiting to bloom And you were floating above me I was coming out of a dark dream I was like a child All alone I couldn’t find shelter No hope And I couldn’t stay dry All around me tempests writhed I couldn’t open up to you I couldn’t read the room I was searching for you I was waiting to bloom
It’s been a long ride I just wanna step outside Stretch my legs Drink up the light See your face when I open my eyes They come and go they come and go Meteor shower, asteroid storm Bangin’ away at my door I see your face in the burning star I’m searching for Did you wait? Did you wait for me? Did you wait? Tell me everything I have arrived I wanna step outside In the red light This patch of dirt will make a fine fine home Vermillion skies two shadows merge as one Take me there Be they sinners, saints I don’t care A red garden for my bed Green green grass to rest my weary head Reunited! At last How fast those four years passed I have arrived
New Old City 04:17
I am my mother’s son Come with me oh daughter Make way everyone There is a change in power Coming down Rising up from the cold hard ground Go go too late to turn back now The moon is at our back Pack up your things Before they hear us Before the first shot rings You're not the only one Caught up in the fray Burnt up in the atmosphere Lost in a new old city Below the earth it rumbles beneath the ground Deep in the tunnels under us Follow the sound
I saw people pray I saw people fight I saw the day turn To endless night The rivers rose And it took its toll Hope faded I folded Skyscrapers fallen to the ground Children lost in the rubble and never found Last night on Earth Last night on Earth Don't look back It was the last night I saw a husband cradle his wife I saw satellites fall from the sky I felt the hope that I carried inside die I saw power, corruption and fools I saw wild dogs scavenging the schools While the charlatans sold water to the drowned The lost instructed the found But out there I saw you surrounded by light The fire of your spirit burning bright I saw the glimmer of the hook The last page of the book Just a spark to catch my eye And I knew I was on borrowed time


released August 24, 2018


all rights reserved



Murder By Death Louisville, Kentucky


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